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"I am the Lord's servant, may it be to me as you have said."  Luke 1:38  

The Scripture that changed my life...

Birth Story

     When I was pregnant with Marianna, God laid on my heart that she would be a special child.  The Lord used Mary's story from the Bible to help me find the courage to receive this gift I wasn't expecting.  Marianna has taught me to see things differently, and my relationship with God has grown through this experience.  


     Our society has a long way to go in our understanding of disability.  It is my mission to help bring us closer to the heart of God on this topic through advocacy.


Free EBook

Anyone who spends time with children knows they have a unique way of looking at things.  Jesus even said we must have faith like a child to enter heaven! 

In this free book, "A Child Will Lead Them, 21 Spiritual Reflections from Raising a Child with Down syndrome," I share the many ways Marianna has brought me closer to the Lord.  Get a free copy on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, and let Marianna lead the way for you too!

Marianna's Ministry
Sharing God's Love Through Art

Mom, Myra, loves to write and daughter, Marianna, loves to draw...

In this book the two team up to share God's love through Marianna's unique artwork and Myra's words of grace.

Get your copy on Amazon... read it for free with Kindle Unlimited or $9.99 to download.

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