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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, or Is It?

One of my friends commented on this family selfie I took at the lake and posted on Facebook. She said "it looks like you guys had a great weekend!" I thought back on the weekend events, trying to remember if we did anything special. Actually, we had only stopped in at the lake for an hour, hoping for a boat ride before it rained. We got about 20 minutes on the water and then it poured. I snapped a few selfies and posted them right before the showers forced us inside.

Isn't that funny? Her comment got me thinking about how people perceive our lives by our photos. I think it's worth a conversation because I've heard so many people say that social media depresses them. The problem is that it appears as though everyone is having a grand time. If things aren't going well for you, then you may be tempted to start comparing your situation unfavorably to others. I confess, I've fallen for it: "Seriously, are they taking another vacation? I haven't had a vacation in two years and they must be on their third trip this summer!"

That's when I remind myself that a picture doesn't tell the whole story, it only captures a moment in time. Some people do post their miseries and misfortunes, but many of us only post the highlights of our lives. We would be wise (and happier) to remember that everyone's lives are filled with ups and downs and no one is immune from problems.

Are you in a season where you feel everyone else is having a good run except you? May I suggest a gratitude journal? The wallpaper on my cell phone says "Be Thankful" Colossians 3:15. It reminds me to thank the Lord for all that he provides...yes, I need to be reminded! If we can do this no matter our circumstances, then we will get a grip on those nasty feelings.

The boat ride is a respite for me and my family and this picture captured it perfectly. It reminds me I have much to be thankful for: four smiling faces and God's gift of another day, rain or shine!

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